An online social reading platform & marketplace where users can read, write and trade original stories using Blockchain & NFT technology ⚑️

<aside> πŸ’› Our Mission:

At KOTA, our goal is to empower creators by ensure they are fairly compensated for the work they produce 🌈 We also aim to make content more accessible to readers by allowing them to access content in more than one way ✨


How KOTA Works πŸ¦„


1) Publishing With KOTA ✍🏻

When creators publish on KOTA as an NFT, they keep 100% ownership and creative control.

They choose how many copies of their work are available to buy (similar to physical books). They will receive up to ~90% sales revenue and ~50% ads revenue.

We believe that creators should benefit most from the sale of their work, while retain the control of their work.


2) How Readers Access Content πŸ“—

Readers can purchase the NFT which the creator has published.

Since they own that digital copy, they will have an ad-free experience, can now share it with a friend, our resell it on the KOTA secondary market.

Readers can also access some content for free by watching ads after each chapter. By doing this, you’re still supporting your favorite creators!

User who purchase the content can receive exclusive content from the creator, such as behind the scenes videos, concept art, or designs/story arcs which didn't make it into the final piece of content. The creator decided what bonus content to include.


3) Win/Win For Creators & Readers πŸ₯³

When a reader finishes a book/comic and wants to resell it on the secondary market, they will receive 80% of the resale price.

The remaining 20% will be equally split between the creator and KOTA.

Frequently Asked Questions ⬇️

<aside> πŸ’° How much will creators earn?

We believe in compensating people for their hard work.

With KOTA, creators will receive: